Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mom, Rosie and Me

In early September, mother, Rosie and I, drove from St. Louis, stopping in Illinois to see the Lincoln Library and then going through Kalamazoo to see an Aeronautical Museum, which was at one time free and now has a hefty charge (granted 8.00, but when you are expecting free..), we were on our way to Ann Arbor to visit with mom's sister who had just retired from the University.
mom and Rosie at the museum of airplanes.
We spent time visiting family in Ann Arbor and going to Zingerman's and visiting farms.
We had the most wonderful meals..Prepared by my aunt (of course)..

It was nice to sit around and visit.

Getting to know Rachel and John's sons (who we rarely see).

John and Charlie and Sam

It was nice to be with family..
The carousel horse and the boys.
for a short time.  

Before heading up to Charlevoix, for the weekend.

Rachel, Charlie, Sam
Mom and Susan (sisters always)..



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