Friday, October 7, 2011

dear diaries..(oh the randomness).

Dear Diary,
It is October and I have been property hunting like a maniac, having to move for this new job. Of course, I always ask Dylan if he wants to accompany me. He always politely declines.
So far I have toured twenty plus properties.

Dear diary,$$
Dinner out last night cost 9.75.
There has been a rethinking of things, financial things..(fear and the dread of a shortfall loom so..back to the drawing board). Out is the place I just knew I'd call home. out!...So, another search begins....

dearest diary friend....,
St. Louis is busy with traffic and sounds and bicyclists can be seen all around Clayton and pedestrians walk down the Delmar Loop and hang out in numerous cafes and places where records are sold and Vinyl is king (or queen). These are things I have seen while driving around. Sometimes I wonder, who are all these people and where are they going and where have they been? Don't they work or is this their work? Driving around?

It is October and the leaves are just beginning to fall and the weather is warm and dry and yesterday I drove through old St. Charles and thought that that would be a nice place to live..but it is too expensive and while I was driving I  called the number of a place for sale and a very nice older man showed me around the property although when I asked him about price and he told me, well, (pause) I almost had a heart attack before the question popped out, "So what do you charge for rent on each side?"..wanting to get a handle on whether his asking price would really be worth it...but he was so nice and so pleasant even though I rather bluntly told him that his price was "out of my range" (bluntly but nicely, ahem)....Lately I have been looking at one bedrooms.*sigh*...visitors and the boys will be sleeping on the couch..

oh diary,
Next week a rental truck has been reserved (and I have yet to find a place!!)
Moving is expensive.
Why did I think it would be easy?
Why did I think that things would just magically work out?
Why? (stupidity, ignorance...magical thinking? hm...)
It is October and the weather could not be more beautiful.
The sun shines and the trees shimmer in the sunlight and the leaves are beginning to fall.
It is another year. Another autumn. Another adventure and I am alive...
thank God.

and finally, diary!!
I found a place. a two bedroom place with a washer and dryer in the unit. found it!! and conferred with Dylan over the phone and filled out the app forms and am just waiting back for word.  He (the realtor) thought there would be "no problem" since I have already been approved by another company that is very picky indeed.

good night diary. good night.
it has been an exhausting day....

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