Saturday, September 17, 2011

singing in the shower

It was August when Chuck moved back (wasn't it?), bringing with him a desk and chair, a lamp and boxes of things, storing everything else over at his dad's house. Setting his computer up on the desk, in the guest room and making that room (filled with other things) his own. So now chairs are turned seat to seat on each other and the path from the door to the bed is just that, a path. Soon, it will not be so crowded.

Nonetheless, Chuck has been coming and going, much like he did when living on his own and there are mornings when I hear him singing in the shower. He has always loved to sing, always sung off-key and so rarely sings, but in the shower, through the wall, sometimes I'll catch a snippet of song. It is something his brothers do not do (sing) although they both have nice voices that can carry a tune. I love hearing him sing.

It is fortuitous that Chuck returned, he had been looking for a place and so, in a sense, found one. We will, in essence, be roomates as I return periodically to check up on the place, work a random shift at one of the hospitals and, I am sure, clean...or not.

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