Sunday, September 18, 2011

how to be sick. a guide.

When you are not feeling well, walk around the house in an old house coat and holey slippers, wearing nothing but a tank top and pajama bottoms underneath. Don't change any clothing for two days.  Fail to shower. Carry kleenexes and blow your nose. Cough. Make tea. Drink very little water the first day, suffer from a horrible headache and vow to drink more water the second day.  Drink more water the second day filling up a new glass each time so there are six water cups on your night table. Throw your tissue on your night table. Watch Netflix. Read. Decide it is too taxing and put down the book. Watch more Netflix. Go on CraigsList while Netflix is playing in another open tab (on your laptop). Look at housing. Compulsively look at housing. Find six or seven possibilities in desirable areas. Show them to one son. Open another tab with the movie continuing to play in the background. Obsessively search google maps, looking at the neighborhoods the houses are in. Decide whether the neighborhoods look good or bad. Look for convenient coffee shops and parks and libraries. Look for the nearest Church and bank. Show the houses to another son. Look for signs of people getting mugged. Close the tab. Get on Facebook. Look at various people's pages. Think that a guy's mother (that you have known forever) is adorable. See someone that you forgot you were friends with. Look at their site (stalk their page). Make a post. Comment on posts. Re-comment on posts. Decide you love Facebook. Decide you hate Facebook. Logout. Go to Netflix. Watch another movie. Get tired of watching. Read until sleep.

(this is a gem of a documentary. I just love Bill Cunningham. Definitely worth a watch...).

love it!

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