Friday, September 16, 2011

a memento

There is a general buzz and whirl of activity around the house these days as I pull boxes out and pack while Natalie stays over sometimes, as Elliot sleeps in the port-a-crib, and while Dylan is under the weather which has turned cool enough to wear long sleeve t-shirts and jackets.

Yesterday was spent largely at the radio station in an attempt to pull together as much as can be pulled before the big departure. The spectre of moving trucks and living in another place, in another town when it has been so nice living here is not always an easy prospect but one which came all the more to the fore while walking down 9th street and stepping into the Main Squeeze (a restaurant) and running into someone whom I have not seen for such a long time and hugging, saying hi and exchanging numbers. That was yesterday's lunchtime.
Then later, after pushing papers around and reading until my eyes would cross and looking out the windows, down on Broadway, where the people walked by in the sunshine, relaxed and looking pleased with the day and the weather. After that there was a general gathering of papers, the notebooks, the bag and detritus, slinging it over the shoulder and heading out into the sunshine and coolness, walking down the streets and through certain alleys up to Ragtag where Johnny sat on the patio and so I leaned over and said hi!
He later ran into me, stopping by "my" table, where in front of me the papers lay, to talk. He was standing before we decided to get a drink at the bar, beer for him, wine for me. It is nice to have someone buy the drink--although I insisted no-- but we had so little time to talk and it was just catching up after so many years of school and children and divorce and things.

The movie last night was a Steve Coogan film called, The Trip. It was funny with a nice ending but after, walking out into the dark, away from the theatre, there was that sense of alone-ness and isolation which sometimes comes. That sense of going home to a darkened house where no one waits for you, except a cat. It wasn't that way though. There were boys there and later, a brother-in-law stopping by to sleep on the couch and so the house was full and full of talk until late when good nights were said and everyone settled down and the house was quiet.

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