Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Re-visiting August

August 5, 2012 The family got together.
Mom and Rose drove over from St. Joseph. Five hours.
Art and Linda and Brian along with his new wife and his three youngest children were there along with other nieces and nephews of varying ages.
It was before Dylan flew to Guam.
We fixed spare ribs and many, many vegetarian dishes..or, I fixed many dishes. Linda brought a fruit salad and everyone else showed up. Which was the requisite.
It was Dylan's going away party.

Hallie, Karen, Victoria

Two nieces and a new sister-in-law!

Genevieve on the tramp-o-line!
the group in Amanda and Clayton's back yard
Elliot and Gennie on the trampoline

l-r Aaron, Nathan, Dylan

Cousins, cousins..

two youngest sons and their grandmother

The day ended beautifully. My favorite pic of Ray and Dylan...

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