Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fort Worth and the show...

On Friday I drove to Fort Worth for a show and
checked into a downtown hotel..

The place was older, a little down-in-the-mouth, but inexpensive and clean.

The showers had fantastic water pressure and abundant hot water, which felt great after the drive.

The hotel was an easy walk to the Bass Performance Hall. If you have never been there let me just tell you that it is something.

Throughout the Hall there are architectural gestures to older Fort Worth and to the many Art Deco buildings.

It is lovely and...
the place was decked out for Christmas

(one of the many Christmas trees)

Before the performance and after picking up my ticket, I walked into the Barnes and Noble across the street and enjoyed a read on the second floor, which led to a book purchase, a latte and the killing of some time.
How can you kill time and not injure eternity?...Ah easily, with a good book.

an unfortunately fuzzy picture..I blame the camera AND my poor skills :)
The show on Friday was Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain, talking!...sigh...
it was wonderful. I thought it was wonderful, but then I think they are both. just. marvelous.
Once they left the stage, the house lights went up. The audience stood up en-masse and like cattle, exited the auditorium.

The beauty of staying at a downtown hotel is that you can wander (walk casually) back to the hotel room,  taking pictures of the already hung Christmas lights, before changing into night-clothes and settling in bed for a good read and sleep.
zzzzzz. The end to a nearly perfect day!

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