Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wichita Falls

Going to Wichita Falls...via 281
The drive is six hours...of course when driving you must stop, take pictures, look at Real Estate and get stoked on Starbucks!

There are a lot of trucks in southern Texas.

There are spurs by the road-side. Just hold the camera up to the car window and....CLicK! when driving by...

Ah...the reason I drove six hours and rented a hotel room to spend two nights in Wichita Falls....mah Baby Boy! in his military hair-cut (God love-'im). We hung out, went clothes shopping (he bought his own!). He took me out to a nice local steak restaurant for dinner (and paid for it! very reasonable). We went to see the movie "The Hunger Games"...the audience commentary (largely military), stayed one night at the hotel, sleeping on the fold-out couch (again, God bless him!), swam in the hotel pool, then returned to base where, like a mother, I dropped him off and picked him up...*sigh* (contentment).

 "So I looked into the base golf course."..."oh yeah?"..."Yeah. It's thirty dollars for eighteen holes and you get a cart with that."...Oh yeah, next visit, we golf!
the "FALLS"

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