Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Driving "Home" from Wichita Falls

After visiting Dylan in Wichita Falls, I drove "home"...(San Antonio)..
Stopping in Jack's County, at a local museum, 
the Birthplace of the 4-H...(I was, as a child, a 4-H'er)

..which is housed..here!

The docent who showed me around, explained how the 4-H was started. It began as a way  to teach young people new techniques in farming, methods of crop rotation, of maintaining the soil. The people who taught the young arrived to teach the older, established farmers, who would not listen, because funnily, they already knew it all....hm....

This is Texas.

And this place was For Sale..(I called the number on the sign and the guy was very nice!)

and...this is the little chocolate shop in Hico, TX.
You just simply have to stop and explore when you drive...

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