Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today I am fifty and this morning the house shook with wind and rain and I woke up from a perfectly sound sleep at 3 a.m., wringing wet. Seriously. Welcome to my middle age: hot flashes and night sweats. So when the yearly questionnaire comes around asking the TB questions about night sweats, I ignore them and answer "no" to the question: In the past three weeks have you experienced...

Because tonight I work (going in this evening), Mary and her friends came over and took me out for lunch and drinks yesterday, very sweet. We went to a Mexican restaurant, then down to the River Walk.

Word of warning: Never drink with Irish Women-friends. That is my glass of water with lemon, next to Mary's margarita...Oh, but they are fun to hang out with, and good girls who get together more often these days, as they get older. We all get together more as we get older because we only really have today, we only ever did. But with people dying left and right....perhaps we realize it more now...

Oh yes. Outside the House.
Cheers girls!

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