Wednesday, September 14, 2011

having missed recording the boys and others

Ray turned twenty yesterday and he and I, because his brothers were not available, went downtown to Sycamore for dinner. It was lovely, absolutely a la carte, and although I was to begin my travels into Vegan-ese, I decided to partake of their ice box cake for desert, knowing that the rest of my dinner, wine included was Vegan, I'm sure.... hm..(where was I?..oh yes). Elliot of course was with us and bored and crawling around the floor and then sitting in my lap. He loves gazpacho and gnocchi and was completely transfixed by the ice-box cake, sitting completely still while I talked with Ray, drank my coffee (black, of course) and scooped one after another spoonful into his ready and waiting mouth. His stillness suprised me, it was as if  he was in a sugar-coma. He remained there during the ride home, talking some and waving his arms around as if to make a point near the end, the point being most likely, "More ice-box cake please!"

Did Ray have a nice birthday? I don't know. He kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for the card and cash and walked up the drive to his father's house, going in to study for his first physics exam. All I know is that he likes college, is meeting many new people and is hanging around with one of his old girlfriends, who is also attending the same school with a dual major. They have both grown up he said. They have both changed.

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