Monday, July 11, 2011

only one month to go...

Has it already been a year?
Was it a year ago that I rode my bicycle to Hartsburg for a slice of pie and on my return learned that he was about to be born, so changed and drove to the hospital where grandparents (we parents) and step-grandparents and sisters had gathered in the small room before we skiddled out to the waiting room, before I walked outside to go to work and chanced to look at my phone, seeing the message that told me I didn't have to go in to work that night, so skiddle-dee-deed back to the hospital to wait with the others (a short time), and then he was born.
We all loved him at first sight.
My ex-husband and me and Nat's mom Janie and step-dad Dave and step-mom Patti and dad, you know, what's his name...Steve. yes.
It is only July. But a year ago (in a month), on August 18th, he was born. Which means that this year, August 18th...he will be one year old. wow! And he is crawling and getting into things and rawr-rawr-rawring which means, talking, you know.
He likes being read to and has an innate curiosity about computers and cell-phones.
His dad loved phones and would take them apart.
His dad, at that age, loved radios and would take them apart but he would lay on the floor with magazines and look at them without tearing them up or ripping their pages. He also loved books and being read to, just like the E. 
We call him the E, you know, for Elliot, who lives with his mom and her new boyfriend in Moberly, of all places, but he (son Chuck, father of the E) will pick him up on Friday in my car, the Prius, and drive him back to here, Columbia, and keep him for an overnight. It will hopefully become a weekly sojourn. It will hopefully become....ah well, poor kid. Thrashed back and forth between houses, between parents.
It is, unfortunately, the world we live in. It is a mess. 
The E. w/Grandma. 10 mos.

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