Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dylan pops in

Dylan stuck his head into my room tonight where I sat on my bed, elevating the now unswollen left leg (vasculature issues dating back to my first pregnancy). He looked at me with his oh-so-precious half smile. "Just got off the phone with my recruiter." he said, ducking his head slightly before looking at me again.
"Ye-es? And?"
"He said that I would be going into Basic either late July or sometime in August."
Of course the excitement in him was palpable and catching, "Oh, that is wonderful honey!" is wonderful and there is a certain happiness, mixed with apprehension, which flows through me. July. August. It seems so soon and, like the school-year, will be here before we know it....July...August...Off to the wild-blue-yonder and of course..oh my. How do you put into words all the thoughts, the memories of time passed. Mind-pictures of Dylan as a baby, a little boy squinting into the sun, tanned, sure, unsure. Graduating grade school, going through middle school and junior high. Dressing for senior prom and the girls, girls, girls. "Who was this one?"..."Oh, she's just a friend." and again, oh my.

July or August. Yes. There has been in me that sense or sensation, that "gut feeling", to hang around and not travel nurse this summer, not yet. There has been that sense to stay put for just awhile. 
Next week will be another short work-week, less than forty hours. Time to spend with my "baby boy" only he isn't a baby anymore, no, and he hasn't been for some time... 

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