Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a visit from E.

He came over tonight, Elliot, my grandson and it was wonderful!
He giggled and crawled all around. He is nearly eleven months old after all.
Then he grew fussy and so I read to him from a Theodore Geisel book, Dr. Suess you know. And he loved it!

His dad came over.
And held him and kissed him and ate an ice cream sandwich and some Lo Mein (we had ordered in) and had some hummus and crackers and played with his son and smiled.
We talked, he and I.
About this and that and life..
then just like Cinderella,
it was time for him to leave.

And Elliot held out his arms reaching for him,
so he (my son), kissed him and smiled and turned to the door.
Two minutes later he was back in asking his younger brother (Dylan) to help him with his car.
It wouldn't start.
Dylan walked across the lawn and sat in the car while Chuck opened the hood and whacked the engine a good one, just once. The car started, it hummed.
Elliot and I wandered out and stood on the lawn, barefoot, watching this all take place before returning to the house, where he cried while I, as a grandmother, rocked and talked softly to him.

He was dry eyed and tired when his mother arrived not very much later...

trying to get Elliot sitting still IS a challenge!

a pensive moment between the hijinks and laughing.

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