Monday, November 15, 2010

do you ever?

Do you ever wish you were
smarter or prettier or thinner or
healthier,richer,more successful,funnier, more popular or or or....?
Pretty much any -er will do.
Do you ever?
Do you ever think "well, If  I would not have done this but rather that or if this would have ended up that way rather than the other way....or If I would have just behaved myself, maybe...?" roundandroundandround, do you ever?
Do you ever fear that if you try and fail then people will see that you have tried and failed and myohmy what-on-earth-will-I-do (?!!) if they see me try and fail and blahblahblahblah....and then you don't try? because you don't want to fail...
Do you ever?
Do you ever think that maybe just maybe, God doesn't exist and if He does then really, He must hate you mustn't he? I mean, REALLY, HE did make you this messed-up-way, didn't HE? (what was HE thinking!!--not taking into account your own actions/reasponsibilities!)
Do you ever?.....
And finally, after the round and round and poor-pitiful-me just look at my life!!!Do you hate me God?????
Do you ever think, hey. Look! I have ten fingers ten toes, two eyes and a nose,
a heart that keeps beating and lungs that breathe air
and limbs that keep working and LOOK! I've got hair!
and a house and the car and the job and the kids
and a few dear old friends I can talk to and: geez whiz!
I am blessed oh so blessed so stop complaining about
There are things here to do in this life, so GET OUT!

Get out in this life and give what you can
be a blessing to others, whether woman or man....

so anyway, I read Dr. Seuss to the fig this weekend. can you tell?
But seriously. Does anyone else ever wish they were different? (better, smarter, prettier, thinner with bigger boobs? or smaller ones for that matter...) Or is it just me...and on that thought, I would never want my children or grandchild to think less about themselves because of how they are (internal or external)
So, to anyone reading this: YOU are WondERFUL!! and have a great day!

"The things that make me different are the things that make me." AA Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

a sliver of moon and the horizon taken somewhere on the road  in New Mexico

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