Monday, August 30, 2010

men typically feed better

It was a full day to begin with. 'Was' being the operative word here. Because you see, my son and his girlfriend and the new baby-child-grand-child were supposed to come over for lunch. And so, the day began with a shower and a run to the store, getting a few additional 'items' to create this fabulously simple menu I had in mind. It was planned out, healthy and lovely. Then this afternoon there was going to be a trip to the 'club pool' with old friends of mine and their children. It was full, my calendar was clear, I didn't pick up additional shifts just so there would be a gap.

Then, noon arrived. They were late. Which was fine because I had just hung up with the 'pool friend' (Lynda), we were cancelling due to overcast skies, and cooler than projected temperatures. Twelve-fifteen...Lunch was getting closer to being ready and I texted. No reply. Twelve-thirty. I called. "Unhhhh?" Chuck answered the phone, sounding groggy. No, they wouldn't be able to make it, they were both sick. So then, another text to Natalie, "Sorry you aren't feeling well, get better." To which she replied, "Thanks.."--in much longer fashion. And how is Elliot?? (OMG, I didn't ask).

What is it about cancellations and an empty schedule that I find so depressing? There is that sense of being completely alone in the world. Nothing and no one to depend on or more like, no one with whom to talk...So, once again, to the phone. No, Rocket wouldn't be able to come over because Mondays were his days spent scoping for gigs (he is, after all, a musician) and he hadn't talked to Lorrie (who was also invited).

And so the day sits before me, bare. Everyone else is busy, working. Until, the phone rings, Rocket will come over. He is curious about fish tacos. Unfortunately, I failed to pick up...

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