Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cooking and baking, oh my!

The summer, for all intensive purposes, is gone and I hate to say this (because I DO like summer), but good riddance. And in comes the fall, not officially, but today is a most-superfabulous-wondrously cool and absolutely beautiful day(as only Missouri can be..sorry folks, my perception) ....ah. Time for baking again. Nearly time for collecting apples from the trees and soon, persimmons (nummy), which, I knew nothing about until two years ago when a friend clued me in to persimmon trees (he was persimmon-crazy like some people are garage sale crazy and would veer off the road at the sight of a persimmon tree..I grew to love persimmoning and that has stayed with me until this day). And then last year, another guy introduced me to persimmon wine, from his parents vineyards and it was completely lovely...And this year, oh, alone. alone. alone..But happy. And the kids are happy and this is just a ramble..Just a happy with the new-baby grandchild--the 'something new' post-- (ecstatic really) and happy to reconnect with old friends and happy to have a new weight-loss blog (yes, it is unfortunate) and, just...sort of letting God do some work, because Lord, don't we all need some work (internal) from time to time...

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