Monday, March 29, 2010

a late night call

Last night. Laying in bed watching "Food Inc." on my laptop. The phone rang. Earlier in the evening work had called saying that census was down, they would not need me. Three other nurses were called off, I was second on the list to be called back in. The prospects were low for working. So, I went to a movie. Roman Polanski's new film with Ewan McGregor. It is a good watch. At Ragtag. Downtown. And after, rented Food Inc. from 9th St. Video.

The phone call was from Ray. He was at his dad's house. He couldn't sleep. Was anxious. "About what?"..."Oh, things..."..."What things?"...and there was a long pause, an intake of breath. We talked. He talked, I listened, sometimes interjecting.
"What's your dad doing?"..."Sleeping."...The boys love their dad. They do. When they were young I met a man who lived in Houston, Texas who wanted me to move down there. I wasn't in love with him but thought hey, why not? And called my lawyer. She advised against the move. I took her advice. Staying in Columbia was the best thing I could have done.

And now. Ray. Anxious about life. His future. Generalities. "Do you think I could talk with a counselor?"..."yeah sweetheart"(as my mind sifts through the bevy of counselors, like a rolodex, that I know or know of)"absolutely. I'll see about an appointment."..And I think of a man, a christian man, a psychiatrist who is, by reputation, one of the best in town.

Eventually the conversation drifts to more positive planes. He tells about a recent state-wide tournament where he placed second for 3-D animation. "oh honey, I'm so proud of you." And he, also, is pleased. Pleased with the statewide outcome. Eventually he says, "I'm feeling better now. Tired, like I could sleep."..And the house is quiet. "'night mom."..."Goodnight Ray."....

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