Saturday, May 26, 2012

God must love Golf...or so I keep telling myself.

Does God love golfers?

On a hot and windy Saturday in northern Texas and we golfed. Now, it has been approximately twelve years, maybe only ten years, since I last golfed but here in Wichita Falls there is not much else to do except, go to the mall, go to the movies So we golfed. Ray, Dylan and I golfed. Then we went out to eat Italian food at Luigi's.

What is it about golfing that is so..well, bonding. There is a bonding experience that happens when you are faced with difficult situations. Not that hanging out on a golf course is a difficult situation, it isn't. But swinging a club and actually hitting a ball without cursing...ah yes, that is where grace comes in.

I am a horrible golfer. Hands down. Now Ray has a nice swing and yesterday proved himself by consistently hitting long drives down the fairway while Dylan hit a few good drives but tended to "slice" more than one ball which shuttled quickly into the "woods" or weeds as it were. My hits were primarily low, fast and straight. At least they were straight, however, a Par 4 hole had me at about ten swings, depending on the hole.

At the last hole, as I struggled up the fairway, believe it or not, hot and tired and sunburned,  Ray and Dylan were already on the green, putting it in. Three more shots and I was on the green, did a long putt and zing! in. The boys, sitting in their cart, applauded. I laughed and we returned to the clubhouse, hot, sweaty and with fine dust caked on our skin and in our pores. Returning the carts and clubs we walked out to the car and drove away talking about our day.

Four balls lost, sunburned skin, an afternoon spent with my boys....priceless.

A Golf Primer (Refresher Course)..

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