Sunday, May 27, 2012

Basketball perspective

For the past three months I have been living down in San Antonio Texas. Now, prior to living in Texas I did not watch professional basketball, there was no need. The reason there was no need is because the towns I lived in, in the Midwest, did not have professional basketball teams. Instead, they had College Teams. That is right, capital C, capital T.  The professional teams in my area of the Midwest consisted of Football and Baseball..especially Baseball. oh yes, and Hockey. ahem.

Now, living in San Antonio I kept hearing about the Spurs, the Spurs, THE SPURS!!!
It was plastered on the sides of buildings: GO SPURS. Walking into patients' rooms people would be watching basketball, just as avidly as we--where I am from--would watch baseball, and yes, football.

"Why on earth are these people watching basketball?" I would wonder, "Who cares!..the NCAA is over, finished! Shouldn't basketball season be OVER!" Of course, I would think this to myself, not saying a word. Until finally, finally it dawned on me that basketball season should not be over because this was, after all, the playoffs! Yes, in a very small way I caught the fever and began watching this, this professional basketball. A little bit.

Tonight, basketball was on, the Spurs playing against Oklahoma. My youngest son was sitting on his bed in his hotel room watching the game, I wandered across the hall and watched some of it before wandering back to my own room.

What changed? Perspective. It was, like much of life, a matter of a changed perspective.

...and the Spurs? They won.

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