Sunday, June 19, 2011

driving with the car windows down

Walking out the door, and escaping another  long weekend in the hospital you might walk into the heat of the evening with the sun falling lazily in the sky. You might step into a sun-warmed  car, roll the windows down and begin the trek home, driving through the town which is the state capitol and hitting the highway heading north. The speedometer will read just over 60 mph and should be kept there. Pop cherry tomatoes in your mouth feeling the skins breaking open easily, delightfully.   Think of rolling the windows up but instead, keep them down thereby experiencing one of the best drives home and some needed relaxation.

Cars whizz around when you are travelling at a slower pace on 63 North. You look at the rolled up windows  as they pass and think of how much life they are missing. Indeed, for too long you might have missed this life. You might have missed the wind ruffling through you newly shorn hair, and the smells of earth and water and dry and damp which are so very interesting. You might have missed changes in temperature as you climb a hill or descend a hill. Then, when nearing the outskirts of Columbia but still very much in the country, you might smell barbeque as it wafts on the air from an unseen pit or grill. You will look and see the shadows and the colors and the deep green of the summer.

Drive with the windows down sometime (especially if you are in the car alone), it can be a wonderful experience.

"If everything comes your way, you are in the wrong lane." Author unknown

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