Tuesday, May 31, 2011

remember when?

When the boys were younger, their dad took on the responsibility of providing insurance for them (he still does). While I bought their vehicles, paid that insurance, enrolled them in their sports activities and paid the fees. Bought most of their clothes and shoes and bicycles and vacations. We split the cost of braces, somewhat. He paid more, but really, what does it matter? Now that they are grown he is covering the bulk of college expenses and for that I am grateful. They should be able to attend school with little to no debt incurred.

Chuck and I sat in a booth at the Broadway Diner one morning last week. In the booth behind us there was a girl talking about the college debt which both she and her, now husband, carry. The conversation was fascinating and absolutely none of my business, but she was talking loudly: ninety thousand dollars of college debt for her and one hundred thirty thousand for her husband!!! Shrinking in my seat I thought of  other kids I have heard of through the grape-vine who had and have taken on enormous college debt, and why? (This is considering just the undergraduate degree and no other variables).

Wednesday morning I'll pick up my packet of paperwork and go talk to my banker. A woman I know and trust. Someone who has known me and my financial situation for years, literally. We both believe in healthy finances for women and she has offered to help. We will look at my earnings, my 401k, my savings. She'll advise me on the wisdom of a house purchase or whether continuing education or travel nursing might benefit me (and in the end, the boys) more. I'm leaning toward the latter but one never knows what one will do until one (me) does it, hm. Like Diane Lane's character, Frances, in "Under the Tuscan Sun", I keep thinking, "I just can't go back there"(metaphorically speaking). When really, "there" is where I am right now (financially speaking).

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us." Joseph Campbell

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