Friday, February 25, 2011

it starts with a plan

It starts with a plan, well, the beginning of a plan or what might be considered: A THOUGHT.
The thought goes something like:  WHAT IF?
The what if is repeated enough that it then becomes the, "WELL. SO?"
Which then in its very own way gets turned over and over enough that it turns into an, "OkAY!" followed quickly by a "What then...?" The WHAT THEN is where you turn the corner...yes, turn the corner indeed because you find yourself looking quite squarely at the "WHa's"..which are merely the: WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and (oops!), HOW......(the how being the big one...)

You then sit down and look at maps and look at maps although you know the GPS will help guide you to where you truly want to be which, REALLY, you have no idea of STUDY MAPS, because in LOOKING at MAPS you develop (like a very old polaroid), these pictures in your mind of just exactly where things are (like a puzzle of sorts), which will be useful later.

Maps are your friends.

But before the maps you sat at the kitchen table, or during bits of breaks at work, or in coffee shops, small sat and wrote on scraps and pieces of paper the what is what of the finances. AKA: THE NUMBER CrUNCHING..for instance, IF you work x and so, and save Y for Z then, voila!....You get a sneaking suspicion that THIS JUST MIGHT WORK!  Which is what led you to the maps in the first place (oh so circular).....

MAPPING becomes PLANNING  which, if you are fortunate, becomes DOING
AND it LOOKS a little like.....:
From A to B takes x number of hours (leave at q from w...)
from b to c takes y number of hours (minutes included)...
C to D and D to E...then x-y-z-qlmnop!....
with a nice detour through a lovely canyon thrown in.

Then WHILE  THERE (more planning):
..we'll do this....(and) ...we'll do that (this costs this and that costs that...--while some things are free!)
And everyday there will be time for anything to change..because things always change.

In the end we'll return exhausted with reddish-brown-gray dust in the creases of our shorts 
and tanned faces and  tanned legs 
and very good memories.
(we hope. we hope.)

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