Saturday, January 1, 2011

good morning new year!

Last night there was to be a radio show. Was being the operative word. I was going to greet the New Year with music.

With nothing better planned I arrived at the station three hours early and began choosing the music,  picking through the new arrivals first, finding a theme of coffee and tea in the titles before moving to the music library, to the older cd's and vinyl. The choices were what I thought was a nice mix of blues, jazz and gospel. Little Richard singing gospel. It was going to be good and fun.  BG came in to the music library while I sat reading and talked to me about all the people he has met by doing his radio show. He had just completed a short gig for First Night Columbia before going on the air at ten. While we talked he checked his clock, having timed out his show. Eventually he moved back into the air room and I returned to the couch to read more. Then the cell phone rang. It was ten thirty and Ray was on the other end, feeling sick, feeling nauseous, feeling dizzy, freaking out. "Well, what is your dad doing?...He is?..Well have you taken some tylenol for the fever?..Calm down, breathe slowly..It's okay..Do you want me to come over and get you?"... The answer was "Yes". .."Okay. Well grab a blanket and pillow and I'll be over." Thinking that I could just bring him back to the station and he could lay down on the couch. James was in the offices and would be there all night so I got his number to call, "Just in case.." and thankfully I did because just in case happened.

Ray was sick. He was pale. He stood on his father's back porch with a thermometer in his mouth. "Can you read this mom?"..."Oh honey, no, I don't have my...well yes, here they are.." said while putting on glasses. "Ninety-eight point six." ..."Well maybe it had cooled down while you were looking at it."..."Did you take the tylenol?"..."Yes.."..and so we talked briefly before he retrieved the pillow and blanket and returned to the porch, then to the car. Driving down Broadway there were a fair number of revelers. We talked as we moved, heading West, past the radio station, calling James to let him know he would have to fill in for me. Nearing the place to turn Ray felt that need to vomit. Pulling over I stopped, he opened the door and puked and puked and puked. After stopping at a gas station to pick up some electrolyte solution we finally were home and walked through the front door. "I feel better." he said, heading back to my room where he would sleep for the night while I took the couch.

At midnight we heard the deep boom, boom of the fireworks. I continued reading before going to sleep.
The morning which dawned gray has turned bright, sunny and cold.
The strata is in the oven, the coffee is made.
Today I'll finish the required testing for work, peruse the market and look at real estate.
Good morning morning and happy new year!

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better person." Benjamin Franklin

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