Saturday, January 8, 2011


 Wednesday after the radio show was the first visit to the shelter. Alone.
Walking the short loop, looking at the dogs in their plexi-glass pens, talking to another woman who was walking the same loop. We were there, viewing. It was a first viewing for both of us. Perhaps you would say, an overview.
Turning the corner, there they sat, expectant, the dogs.
It was heartbreaking.

The second visit was with Dylan. This was going to be a family venture by golly!
We took three different dogs out into the walking yard.

Some people know.

Some people say they just know.

How do they know which dog is right?

The third visit clinched it...we would not be adopting (just yet) but fostering.

We are fostering because the Shelter was desperate for someone to take a litter of pups until they are old enough to adopt.
We walked in the day they needed someone to walk in.

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