Tuesday, November 23, 2010

random wanderings

It is Tuesday. I will work tonight, possibly do a radio show following work, then there is a meeting after the radio show, then home, sleep, watch a movie Wednesday night (ragtagfilm.com), wake Thursday morning, load the car with the prepacked food and drive to St. Joe. Which means today, shopping. (Prior preparation prevents poor performance!) The oven isn't working, it will not be fixed until Friday.

There are farm blogs I follow because food and food sources have always been of keen interest to me, not to mention, the 'new' sustainability (it goes back to a childhood fascination with gardening, architecture, strange places and cars. The desire to hand-milk the cows early morning with my mother at which she would tell me to go back to bed...perhaps it was all that Kookla, Fran and Ollie I watched Saturday mornings..hm...). So there was a new farm blog that I found which looked interesting, and so consequently I followed a link to their facebook page, thought of hitting  the 'like' button, then began reading through it all. They posed a question about whether people would rather pay 28.00 per pound for cheese made from milk where the cows were grass-fed only or would they pay 15.00 per pound where the cows were fed grain. The overwhelming reply was "grass fed" as people responded, going on about the rumen system of the cows stomach, etc. etc. with the accompanying rising hysteria "YOU MUST FEED THEM GRASS!". I failed to hit "Like". No one asked the question, "What does it taste like, how is the taste different?" (Do cows really suffer if they are fed grain? Is the grain from 'modified' seeds? etc. etc.)  Granted, I can see why these young farmers were asking. They were wanting to get feedback from people who may or may not buy their product. Granted.

What sort of society do we live in?
I suspect the same type of society which has been going on since time immemorial. A 'fallen' one. (One where some people argue over the feeding of a cow while others go hungry)...'the poor will always be with you', etc.
We live in a society where the national economic reports state that 'people' need to save and pay off their debt only to state in a close follow-up sentence that then they will need to 'borrow' (incurring debt) for houses, cars, whatever. They will need to borrow and buy to bolster a failing system. A system run on numbers with very few 'real' products (or am I wrong about this? most likely, please explain)...
What will happen to us?

The day is sunny and recently the weather has been so very mild and windy with the leaves chasing each other and undoing the work the neighbor had accomplished with his leaf-blower. Dylan has been sick with the same cough-about that I just got over (after three plus weeks of hacking). Chuck continues with his life, as it is. He thanked me for getting up with the baby in the middle of the night while he was watching him. We sat up together watching 'classrooms' on Youtube and other sites. We sat up with the baby, visiting until  he (the baby Elliot) went to sleep at which point Chuck wandered back to his room while I stayed up and read.
Ray is doing well in school and stops by infrequently. We lunch together some weeks, trying different down-town restaurants. There are times when Chuck and I will go to a movie together... ah, the joys of grown children.

This week is thanksgiving and how different is this year from last? It is difficult to not look ahead and wonder what this next year will bring...

"To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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