Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What I love about Babies is their truly unadulterated JOY!
When they smile it isn't put on, they are not forcing or pretending. Babies love to smile.
What I love about babies is their happiness.
They get so happy they wiggle. Like a big YES!

What I love about babies is their little faces (hands, feet, fingers, toes).
All the slight nuances. The frowns. The pouts. The..hunhs?, which is a look like, "what? what is that.." Which leads me to wonder, are they trying to figure something out?

Babies have a cuddlesomeness that adults tend to lack (sometimes, or quite often. where does it go???).
Babies are guileless. They either really enjoy something or they don't. There is no manipulation. No, 'what can I get out of this?' ( may have to rethink this one...: ).

And finally. What I love about babies is, to me anyway, they are a reminder that heaven exists, otherwise, really, from where on earth could something so wonderful come...? (and isn't it wonderful! we were all babies once.)

the end.
Happy Thanksgiving 2010!
Elliot. doing something he has done since the day he was born: chewing on his hand. ;)..
from a scrawny baby to a fat widdle puddums.
we loves him...
(omg! I've succumbed to boring grandmotherdom!!!gash!)


  1. Beautiful baby!
    As Kyle always says, "What in the WORLD is he thinking?!"
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Ah..thanks Kristin. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!