Monday, November 8, 2010

daily beasts (this is life! part one)

They talk in muffled voices by her car. The day is glorious, full of  sunshine. An airy breeze rustles the leaves which float from trees, land in the streets and are scuttled along by the wind. His hands ball up in fists, he stands rigid. He pulls his arms up to his chest and snaps them straight again. Her voice trails along on the wind, she is calm, explaining. There is a sharp "Don't leave, don't leave." said under his breath, he steps towards the car, she pulls back and out of the drive. The fig is in the back, tucked snugly into his car seat. She drives away. He stands there for a moment, shoulders slumped as I sit in this chair and a half, nosily watching it all, knowing that there is nothing I can do to help. He turns and walks back up the short hill to the house, passing by as I ask, "Is there anything I can do?" A mixture of anger and hurt color his face. "No." He says mildly, walking around the corner and down the hall.

This is the ongoing drama at our house.
And later, a grrrrowl is heard in the house. Then another.  We no longer have a dog (hm????). The neighbor's dog begins to bark in our hallway. The cats scramble.  I jump up from the chair, papers scatter on the floor. The dog  hears me and runs to the open  back slider where the neighbor deftly picks him up, smiles, apologizes profusely and carries him home. Turning back into the house I laugh at the dog. Levity! This is life! and the sun continues to shine as the day wears on.

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