Monday, October 18, 2010

the thing about

The thing about having an 'adult' son (who has a child), living at home again is the fact that there is an adult son living at home, with the girlfriend and grandson often over or in tow...which isn't bad really, and actually has been quite nice, however, that being said, it does seem that things do not get accomplished around here the way they once did. That really, to be perfectly honest, schedules are completely thrown off.

For instance. This morning I slept in because, once again, I was unable to sleep and was up late working on 'stuff' and trying to get priorities figured out. Priorities like, what book should I read now (the Hobbit). Because of last night's wakefulenss I had the day planned. During the second task of the day (folding clothes),  my oldest son sleepily walked into the living room and asked, "Mom, could you watch Elliot for awhile, he was up all night and we need to get some sleep", his hair was plastered to the side of his head and his eyes were half-opened. "O...kay", I hesitantly said (and now I'll take a break: what you must understand is that once I have determined a course of action, like say, cleaning the house, it is very difficult to change said course)..But I did and so followed Chuck into the constantly messy bedroom and saw the most adorable grandchild ever, wide awake and happy. I picked him up, while Chuck laid back down on the bed, and carried him into the living room where we sat and he looked at me while I talked to him and he, prodigy that he is, talked back. Well, not really, but I swear there was a sound that came out and it sounded alot like, "I love you", *sigh*, grandmother love, ain't it great?

The ell, "talking" to me yesterday.
How is it that we love our grandbabies so much?

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