Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The air otuside the  was cool this morning and it was difficult getting out from between the warm bedcovers. There was no necessity of being somewhere early, so why get up? Yet outside the windows was the sound, the reminder of life in the hum of distant traffic. The sky outside my bedroom window was beginning to lighten so throwing back the covers I pulled my legs up to an L and voila!, flung them over the side of the bed. One of the beauties of being single is the ability to do a ballet stretch while flinging one's middle aged body out of bed, there is no one to disturb.

The walk down the hall was short. The carpet felt deep and springy. Leaves lay across the patio. The house was silent. A school bus hummed at the end of the road, revving after its stop. It was six-thirty a.m., trash day and so, slipping on a sweatshirt and into clogs I gathered up the inside and ouside trash bags and walked them through the short wet grass, around the house, to the curb, returning the same way, swishing through the fallen leaves, back into the now warm house where a cup of hot coffee, slipped into the microwave, awaited me.

With the cooler temperatures and the shorter days it is, officially, fall.

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