Monday, July 26, 2010

dear diary, again.

Dear Diary,
It is now 2:35 a.m. and I had to shut Dylan's bedroom door because he was awake and cranky as he should be with his mother getting in from work past midnight and then going out again because the cats were out of food.

ooh-ooh, tonight I logged on and went to Don Miller's blog (the entry was written by his dog, too funny, but it was a good entry(#5)) which I absolutely love if for no other reason than it is written by a guy..too much estrogen around here, except for kiddos and they don't count (in the male/female ratio).

The boys are fine and working hard, all of them. They have jobs this summer and cross-your fingers that Ray will go to Mizzou this fall.

Did you know that my right leg is slightly shorter than the left, I have pain. The doctor gave me percocet (which I hate) and flexeril (a muscle relaxer), both medications change my personality(make me cross-eyed foggy) and (I believe) contribute to me crying at the drop of a hat...

Church today (yesterday now) was good. I felt lonely. I cried. I had taken a percocet prior to church so I could SIT. see? But Michelle Babcock and Debbie Koske both love me anyway and gave me big hugs and asked "can we help" to which I said, "No, just feeling sorry for myself" and as women, they understood.

Must go. sleep calls.

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." Corrie Ten Boom

(Okay. so you know why I like Don Miller so much (his blog etc.)..because I too get so sick and tired of this is this and that is that and if things are not done just so then you are not a christian and I have fallen for that and forgotten the most important thing which I used to be so good at: to love. loving people and most importantly, loving God, and reading his word and praying and finding my Joy in Him. there I go, crying again. really hate that percocet, of course, the five ibuprofen I took for pain this morning are not that much fyi. Ibuprofen in large amounts taken over time will ruin the kidneys...just saying).

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