Wednesday, June 2, 2010

dear diary

dear diary. This is the boys last week of school and last night it rained and the skies this morning look threatening and water sits on the flat garage roof. I haven't tarred it yet though there has been time and lord knows it has been hot enough. Drove Dylan to school today. He actually had to wake me (that's a first) and groggily I told him to take the car but he said he would be staying after school until seven and "oooh, I have to work tonight so I'll drive you." So I got up and out of bed, pulled on jeans and took a swig of cold coffee, left in a cup on the counter overnight and then ran around the house opening windows because it was so cool outside.
Can I tell you how empty the Rockbridge lot was today. The seniors last day was this past Friday and so half the lot was empty, sleepy looking kids were walking into the school, a girl stood at the back of her X-terra pulling on a long sleeved shirt over her tank top, the wind was blowing. Pulling up to the north door Dylan picked up his things and stepped out of the car, "Bye mom." He is tired too and has been working long hours on a three-D art final project. He is not going to Ray's graduation ceremony. Chuck might. Natalie will go and sit with me and we will yell and clap and make fools of ourselves. Hopefully the weather will be nice.
well gotta go diary. the rain is beginning again and I have to close windows. As daffy duck would say, ta-ta for now!

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