Monday, May 17, 2010

random rain

The rain continues and was falling in fat drops this weekend, then misting, then light showers and now, it drips from the leaves on the tree outside Dylan's window.

The boys stood in the kitchen this morning, Dylan leaning on the counter while Ray pulled things from the refrigerator, packing his lunch. Wise. He pockets the lunch money I give him every week. They were arguing the way they argue. Voices not really raised but adamant. The speech quicker, at least Dylan's was. Ray just kept to his slow-as-you-go rhythm, arguing back, quiet, controlled. He finished up packing his lunch and they departed, driving the little car through the rain.

Dylan spent friday night with friends at a cabin on a lake somewhere on the way to St. Louis (could I be a worse mother? Not knowing exactly where?) Cole's dad was with them, "How was it, the camping?".."Cold" he replied, "it could have been warmer."... Alayna was over hanging out on Saturday. He sat alone in his room, texting and facebooking on Sunday, watching movies. I joined him from time to time, sitting in the purple chair, feet up on the bed, watching bits of "The Royal Tannenbaums" and "Thank you For Smoking". It was raining, again.

Ray had a number of friends over this past friday. They came in around ten p.m., just as I was going to bed. The sound of teenagers talking stirred me from sleep and vivid dreams through the night. "What time did you get up this morning?" He asked Saturday afternoon as we were driving downtown through rain soaked streets, having vacated the house for the appraiser. "I don't know, about six.".."Well, there might have still been some people up.".."I didn't get out of bed until seven."..That morning Ray was sleeping in the master bedroom which I have vacated, preferring the smaller guest bedroom. His friend Joel slept down in his (Ray's)bedroom. There was no one else in the house, Dylan's bed was empty, unmade from Thursday night...We sluiced through the streets to Rock Bottom Comics which is on Walnut near Ernie's cafe and a few doors down from their old building in a new space which has a door that sticks and bright blue linoleum on the floors. Ray stayed there, standing hunched over, looking through old comics while I drove to the library, perusing and collecting books, picking him up later, and returning home through the rain.

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