Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh this cat...

Oh, this cat is one who lays on my lap with his belly up. All white with gray ears and a striped tail.

Sunday was mother's day. Lisa asked me at work last night, "Did your boys get you anything?"..."No. But they called, and for that I am grateful." A call from Ray, a text while watching a movie, a thought, a message, who could ask for more?
And then, the Chuck, the oldest, did take me out to eat. He texted in the morning and it was wonderful hearing from him: "So where do you want to go to eat?"...Shock and suprise. We texted back and forth and later we went to the new El Jimador, which was half empty, where we sat in a booth and talked and ate and I ended up paying. He wanted to pay but how could I let him? Working so hard, taking care of himself, paying all of his bills, a baby on the way, oh my. And before the dinner, Dylan and I went to Ragtag and watched the documentary "Babies" and loved it. We laughed about it and talked about it as we drove back to his dad's house. "Dad cracked me up yesterday.".."Oh yeah? What did he do?"...And Dylan told me and we laughed, not derisively, but familially as if laughing over a deranged uncle of whom we are fond and find humorous. The sun slanted through the car windows as I pulled up in front of his dad's house, he stepped out of the car, leaned back in and kissed me on the cheek, goodbye. "Love you.".."Love you."..And up the short driveway he walked as I put the phone to my ear and listened to Ray's mother's day message.

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