Tuesday, April 6, 2010

this is what I like

This is what I like:
a clean house, cats sleeping,
the budding of the trees in spring,
a warm breeze blowing through the windows,
the visiting geese, the grass greening
dishes and laundry done and put away
friends of the kids who come over and act like it is their home by
pulling the refrigerator door open and perusing before deciding that cookies on the tray sound better, and later helping themselves to the bicycles in the garage which they ride on the trail and upon returning, leave in the entryway.
Boys voices all over the house. Or alternately, the house silent because it is early morning and they are sleeping in empty beds, on sofas, the floor and the double chair.
"Catching" the kids having a party here because they thought I would be working--oh the looks of suprise, funny.
I like when all the kids are home, when they invite girlfriends and friends over and cooking for them, listening to their stories, hearing their concerns, their hurts, their joys, their fears. But oftentimes, it is nice to just listen in on their conversations.
I like when they tell me, "Mom, that's not fair.." and thinking about it, I either agree....or not.
And travelling. The boys are great travellers, so interested, so patient.
I like, have liked and will continue to like being a mom. It is and has been the best, craziest, and most heart wrenching job I have ever had.
Thanks kids for being and continuing to be so great.

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