Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to the Club..(news)

True/False (the film festival), ended nicely with me going to see a few films and Dylan also going to see a few with some friends. As a volunteer I forewent the closing party (10-2) with free Petron (vodka)..darn the luck, but the pictures looked like everyone had a great partyparty time.
The mornings continue icy cold (in the twenties) but the days are warming and Dylan, coming in after school today, told me that it should be in the fifties by Saturday..hail, hail and hallelujah! And finally, after bleak grayness, the sun shines today. And right now it is brilliant, slanting through all the south windows, lighting up the now clean house..until, quickly, it fades again. sigh. And outside, in the trees, more birds are gathering, they sing, they do not realize that there are two intrepid hunters (cats) sitting in the house, watching their every move....meow.

Talked with mother on the phone today for an hour. It is always nice to catch up and typically I call on Sunday, however, Sunday was faaarrr too busy. So we chatted and chatted and this evening, while fixing supper, I was thinking about something Amanda (my sister) once said. She said, "yeah, remember how dad would always compliment mom on the dinners she fixed." ..."yeah, I remember.".."Except that one time, when she made beans and weanies with peaches in them..".."Uhn,hnh.".."And dad just said, 'Well Lyn, I hope you don't make this again'."..he didn't say, this is disgusting or what were you thinking? Just, uh, well, hope you dont make that again.
We were lucky that way.

"I belong to my lover and his desire is for me.." Song of Songs 7:10.

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