Thursday, March 4, 2010

Days of Sunshine

The winter has been a good one for those of morose dispositions, in that they have benefited from the continuing grayness and cold and the justification found in complaining, bitterly, of them both, but for the rest of us--because I have asked around--it has just been depressing. Still today is another day of sunshine! And the realtor has placed a sign in the yard--for some reason I (the personal I) had thought that she would place it this weekend, not today (!)--the yard is not nearly ready for a sign. In the back there are beer cans sitting in a small receptacle (sp?), and a bottle or two lay on the ground on the way down to the pond, all things which should have been cleaned up months ago, but the weather has been horrible, which is just another excuse, of which I have many. So now, excuses aside, it is cleaning time! Which is a beautiful time with exitement mounting although there really isn't much hope that this place will sell, still, you never know. Time, as it always does, will tell.

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