Monday, February 22, 2010

that's what friends are for..

This morning, feeling at the end of myself, and washing dishes and looking out the window and praying and wanting to talk to someone with skin on, I dialed Lynda, one of my oldest friends in Columbia. Roomates twenty-three years ago, she was single and ahem (a virgin) until she was thirty-eight*. So she understands the difficulty and yet, the value of waiting. We talked for an hour. She took that much time out of her home-schooling day. She shared, I shared, we laughed and girl-talked it out, everything! The world's problems were solved!
After hanging up the phone, I finished baking two loaves of bread and a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies (well, my son thinks so) ever, before wiping down the counters and driving to the high-school where I picked up the boys.
Sometimes, God answers prayers, in the least likely of places, when we least expect it.

*(virginity and celibacy are undervalued commodities in our cultural currency..)

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