Thursday, February 11, 2010

Middle-age mom's life.

The house has an unusual quietness about it with the boys gone and with no more tenants. During these weeks I tend to pick up a number of extra shifts. Why not? But last night, at work, there was an unusual heaviness in my chest, followed by a harsh, rattling, dry cough. I was able to leave at eleven p. and return home, to my bed, which was a wonderful thing to do, really. And so, snuggling in, with a cup of tea and a good book as one does, I briefly read, then slept. But only for five or six hours, because the doorbell rang and there was Dylan, standing in the cold as I hauled myself out of bed and down the stairs to unlock.."coming, coming", and he ran up the stairs and deposited a drawing pad on his bed and was gone as I emerged from the main floor half-bath, sleepily looking out the window over the kitchen sink, seeing the red Yukon pull away from the curb. No hellos, no goodbyes, still no key (he lost it).

It is winter still and the sun shone for a short time today and large fat flakes floated the sunlight, and settled briefly before melting.

YouTube was a big part of the morning, after loading the washer and folding some clothes, which still sit in piles on the guest room bed. There was YouTube and strong coffee, poured in a favorite cup. And the master bedroom, where I sat, on my empty king bed, with legs crossed, watching nearly every installment of "The Joy Fit Club" from the Today show on the laptop...And later, inspired, I went to the gym and attended a cardio weight class and nearly killed myself on the bosu ball..

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