Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter rambings

"It's cold, it's dark and it will last you the rest of your life..." Groundhog Day.

Pretty much sums it up.
As cats sleep and cars pass and the heat pump runs and runs and runs. The dryer is finished and the dishes are done. Welcome to the world of Ruth.

Three boys, two cats, a dog no longer but I continue being tempted because I'm not really a cat person and their purriness disturbs me if they do it too much and then I just have to move them (R.P. usually) from my lap and he goes and lays and sleeps and looks adorable and I can reach over and pet him from time to time and then all is right with the world. The boys, love the cats.

And having just read a young woman's blog whose parents I know and who lives in Florida and works at an orphanage and they received all of these precious children from Haiti who are being adopted by American parents and she is doing good work. What do I do? Try to figure out a way to work less and garden more, how selfish is that.
And last night, at work, talking to the girls about this pottery class I'll be taking (so fun!), and this morning, for some reason, taking pictures around the house and thinking, oh, the camera didn't catch the light the way I wanted it to and wouldn't it be nice to have a "better" camera where the aperature could be adjusted so that the variations of light could be caught and shown beautifully? And all of the architecture that I lovelovelove to look at, wouldn't it be nice to photograph said architecture?
Perhaps that is why I went into nursing.
It wasn't just for the produce-able income but because....last night I sent a patient to the unit. I do not work in the ICU at this hospital (except occaisionally), and had the gall to say "dude" to the intern I was talking to and to also tell him that I am never wrong about the necessity of sending a patient somewhere where they can have closer monitoring. Never wrong? After that came out of my mouth and while Dustin (the intern) was sitting away from us I asked Lori, "Did that come out that I am "NEVER" wrong?", and she said that yes it did and she was wondering about that statement...oooh, no, let me amend...while trying to stuff the words back into my mouth and repeat the scene. Impossible. But the patient went there, eventually, to intensive care, and the next morning I called down to see how she was doing "Oh fine"..the nurse told me. "She is resting well.".."Hows her breathing?".."Oh well, she is still using her auxilliary muscles.".."Accessory?".."Yeah.." and it had been a long shift and she was obviously exhausted because this is a smart girl, a good nurse, and a patient is not fine if they are using their accessory muscles to breathe. Sigh, deep breath, go on. But she will be fine (the pt.), eventually, although a toe fell off and you could smell the gangrene, and what is happening in Haiti? The smell must be awful. And maybe I have such a huge variety of interests (who doesn't?) because God will use them one day, and perhaps He is beginning to use them today, and perhaps one day I won't garden so much but will go to hurting places like Haiti or Darfur or (fill-in-the-blank). Maybe, but that is a long way off and there are still two boys to finish raising and friends to help and a house to sell and dishes to do and cats to feed.

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