Sunday, January 3, 2010


Laundry can tell a story in lieu of things being said. A random bra, the gum left in the pocket, the ink pen, the t-shirt too small for anyone living in the household, the lighter at the bottom of the washer or a full set of clothes, sitting in the laundry basket. He had said something about going out on New Year's Eve, and he did, dressed casually dressy, he and Alayna. That would be Dylan. He walked through my bedroom last night at almost exactly midnight. I was sleeping and the sound of the bedroom door opening startled me awake. "Sorry mom, just need to get something." And he went to the master bath, to get what? His shadowy self moved across the room, arm out in front of him. "What are you doing?" I asked, because, laying in the dark I could see him, whereas he, just having been in the light, could see nothing. "I can't see anything." It is, or could be, of course, an analogy for larger things.

The week ended miraculously. The month of december was crazy busy. Randy moved out (expected), Richa moved out (unexpected), Janel and Mariah moved in (unexpected/expected?) and now they will move out, when, Tuesday? And Friday Amber and her husband will deliver a couch, we will put it downstairs in the "family room". And Ray will move into what had formerly been Chuck's room. And the living room is just that, a "living room"...And upstairs, I occupy the Master Bedroom and bath again and Dylan has decided to take over the end bedroom as his own and the middle bedroom will become the guest bedroom. We will all have our own bathrooms. And soon all the rooms will be nicely cleaned and organized and painted fresh with carpets cleaned and some nominal landscaping done outside. Then...

The boys will again be home on Tuesday and Dylan was home overnight, and I drove him back to his dad's house today, the catera is refusing to start and sits in the driveway. His dad built a new carport with storage at the end. "The carport looks nice.." And we talked a bit.."Okay, bye mom." And he kissed me on the cheek. "Have a good week, see ya." I said.."Yeah, see ya".. And he walked away, up the small slope of driveway, to his dad's house.

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