Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Cats

Christmas Day. It is cold, snowing outside. In the fireplace, a fire burns. Texts from friends. Merry Christmas, merry christmas. Awake since six a.m. Horrible rest during the night. Could feel the cold coming in, settling. Woke to darkness and a very light snow, a disembodied cat's head at the door, no meowing, just sitting, large eyes, waiting as I put on the coffee and then walked through the cold anteroom to the door. "Morning Star". We talk to them as if they understand, and perhaps on some cat level, they do. He walked in, very much the alpha male, ate some cat food and then to the living room to curl up on the back of the sofa, his favorite spot.

And upstairs, Ray and Dylan slept as I carried in wood and built up a fire in the fireplace. And downstairs, Richa and Amman slept as I walked down the stairs and out the back door to carry in more wood so that it would dry. And the house remained quiet and the snow fell as I turned on lights and Stinky Ron meowed at the back door, and was let in as I started breakfast. Sliced pineapple with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, laid out on a tray. Zucchini cooked with onions, green peppers and tomato. Fried potatoes with onion, fresh chopped with mushrooms cooked separately then blended together. Bacon and french toast. Possibly bland to the Indian palate, tasty to us. And it was nice to sit around the table Christmas morning with the kids and Natalie, and to eat breakfast. It was nice to have Chuck and Nat drive over so early (8:30a.m.) to open presents with us. There was some difficulty getting Ray and Dylan out of their beds but eventually they got around, and came downstairs. And eventually Richa came upstairs and later Amman, and they ate a bit and opened their gifts.

Now the house is quiet, the wind blows outside and the wood pops as it burns. The boys have gone to their dad's house, wearing their new t-shirts, hats and gloves. Downstairs the television plays unusually loud, the cat remains curled up where he has been all morning, periodically he reaches out and places a paw on my shoulder, or meows quietly and somewhere in the house the other cat also sleeps. It was a good Christmas.

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