Saturday, November 14, 2009

this house

This house is three stories tall. An attached townhouse. An end unit. Andersen windows. A fireplace in the living room. A central wooden staircase. A tower. A cupola.

We live in it.

My last boyfriend told me I was in love with this house. He told me he loved me, wanted me to move into his house in the old southwest after the boys were grown and out of the house. We would talk some, but not for hours. He made me laugh. It was August when I told him it wasn't fair to him. I wasn't in love with him. "Okay", he said. And we left it at that.

Randy, one of the tenants, will be moving out in December. Richa graduates in May. Chuck has been apartment hunting. In two months the number of inhabitants could be cut from six to four. By June we may be just two. The house may be on the market in April. It was on the market briefly last year, listed by one of my friends. Something in my gut told me no, don't sell yet and so we pulled it off the market. She hasn't talked to me since.

Ray is over at his dad's house today, helping him build a carport. He is often at his dad's house. Friday night he had friends over. All male. All working on the computers. Networking. Listening to music. He asked Richa if the music was too loud. And this morning there was a boy sleeping on the couch. Alex who usually is over had gone home. He had forgotten his fan. Alex can be found sleeping in closets in this house--there are a number of walk-in closets--when he stays over, his fan humming, near his face. His brother Grant has been a friend of Dylan's. They live in a large house, spacious yard, wealthy neighborhood.

This afternoon Dylan has been up in his room with Alayna. I had to walk up and remind him to keep his door open. They were both sitting on his bed. I plopped down on his desk chair and sat, chatting. The other chair in his room--the comfortable one--was strewn with clothes.

And now? Chuck stops in and we talk about the Exploder (Explorer). We talk about his apartment options. He plans on moving sometime in January, possibly December.

"My son, keep your father's commands and do not forsake your mother's teaching." Proverbs 6:20.

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