Thursday, January 8, 2015

It is four a.m. and I am awake, again and blogging on a space where I didn't think I'd ever blog again and where I may never blog again, but one never knows. 

Quite a few things have occurred since my last post.
I lived in Delaware and worked in Maryland for six months. During that time I visited many State Capitols, saw two Frank Lloyd Wright houses, visited my mom's cousin Eric in Pennsylvania, traveled and saw many different things, went to NYC multiple times and flew my sons into  NYC (LaGuardia) where we spent a few nights before taking the bus back to Newark and then driving home via Washington, D.C..

Last March, during a lull in work and during spring break, Ray and I drove to Moab, Utah for hiking and bicycling. It was a wonderful get away. Upon my return I packed and drove to Phoenix where the first thing I did was hike the Cholla Trail. In Arizona I ended up living in Scottsdale. I loved Scottsdale, loved the place where I lived, enjoyed my work and got a little bit of confidence back (thanks to the wonderful charge nurses, co-workers, managers and others who believed in me)...but in the end it wasn't home.

In August I returned.
Life has changed and I have learned many things and perhaps, I too have changed.

Take care with whatever you do and know that what others think of you is never as important as what you think of yourself.

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