Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The guy next to me had already de-camped, due to it being Elvis Week and all (we had to move)..
It was time for me to move also
and so...

I found me a new park.

When you are new to RV'ing, decamping can be a bit stressful. Not to mention, wondering if your RV will start up after sitting idle for two full months.
And so....

Step one, evaluate...(in my case, take a picture--that is my neighbor's (never did know his name) empty spot).

Fill up water jugs, take out trash, clean surfaces of any moveable items..
Place any breakables (I carry glass-ware, plates and cups) where they are well padded and immovable.

Put down awning

and place any outdoor stuff (neatly) inside..

Before pulling out, put down the antenna, drain and undo the sewage pipe, cap and place in sewage designated place (the rear bumper), wash hands--that is a given. Put in your step, detach the electric cord and coil it in place...make sure all the hatches are battened down and closed (VERY important).

Get in and pray that the sucker starts....
The sucker started. It drives like a big old bus.
Setting up in the new spot, was...well, easy.
Dining outside with a book and journal. Priceless.
...i won't talk about periodic home-sickness...

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