Saturday, June 23, 2012

whither thou art...Memphis?

There is the hum of the air conditioner which sits atop the "bus" and outside is the general malaise of summer. Kids walk by in wet swimsuits while older folks are out dog-walking. Families wander by...Welcome to RV life.

This morning the "neighbors", who were here when I pulled up last night following a quick trip home, were packing up to pull out. Two skinny little kids hung around and watched as mom and dad packed and put away, then hitched up and pulled away. Goodbye neighbors, goodbye.

Last Saturday I talked at length with Steve, who travels in an RV with his partner and their two little dogs.  He reminded me that it was wise to spend so little on something which could be a very long shot (RV'ing full-time for work). RV'ing for a short-time, full-time for work.. I miss home. I miss the generalness, the dailiness, the people with whom your life becomes embedded. You know their lives and they know yours.  Out here, it is like bobbing, bobbing..a buoy on a vast ocean.

I suspect that this ocean will become smaller the more I'm on it.

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