Friday, February 17, 2012

dieting, bah!

(note: you can always tell when I'm studying because I take time off to a) go to the bathroom and b) blog!)

It is sunny out and cold and I have again decided to (gulp!) diet! Yes, I hate the word but it is absolutely essential as my weight, without my understanding why (perhaps the margaritas and chips, salsa, cheese and listening raptly to others while stuffing my face last night has something to do with it. *sigh*) has climbed. It is to the point where I am currently in that desperate weight, eating spiral, you know the one where you become desperate about your weight and frustrated so you begin denying yourself everything until you get crazy-out-of-control-and-eat-everything-in-the-house or where you find yourself walking through the grocery stores just staring at the "king cake", the pastries, then the "King Cake" again, imagining....bah! Some people have sex, I have food!

So it is back to the drawing board. Back to listening to the body's signals of hunger and satiation. Back to eating what you want and then stopping when satisfied. Back to sitting down when eating. Back to..not using food as an excuse, as a means of coping, as entertainment (which it is because I absolutely Looove food, does this make me an addict? hm).

Now. Back to studying (and water and coffee and not eating until...I'm hungry)--even Julia Child watched what she ate (ahem, dieted), from time, to time...


  1. LOVE this... because I'm at the same place.
    I fell off the wagon on Halloween and the eating party continued until mid-January... Time to climb back aboard and maybe stop eating when I'm full... only eat when I'm truly hungry?
    IF LOOOOOVING food makes you an addict, then sadly, I'm one too. :(

  2. :)..good to know, I'm not alone!