Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year!

The New Year Began with invitations.
The boys were busy.
Dylan in Texas and Ray out with friends.
Chuck came home late enough for me to see him and help him button the top button on his shirt.  He was dressing in a suit jacket and tie for an evening out with champagne and friends.

The night before (which would be Friday) I drove back from St. Louis and worked a shift at one of the local hospitals in the mid-Missouri area. The extra money is never bad and anyway, my dear old friend Lynda had asked me to walk with her in the First Night 5k, which is always a fun event.

After working a night shift, I slept fast and drove to Lynda and Rick's house, picking up Lynda and whisking her away from her family to go walk!

We met Bonita and Karen at the event.

We attached the thingys on our shoes.

We met new friends... visited and girl-talked.

Before the (ahem) "race".
We had a group picture taken of us! Here we are "growling" for the boys (husbands) behind the camera.

Lynda and I have put on our thinking caps...

We both plan on being thinner next year and possibly?.....even running..the race!

We are off to a good start!


  1. Really fun. I have some photos from Karen. They are on actual photo paper. Thought you might want some for the running scrapbook. I can mail them or give them to you next time you visit.

    Love that "race" is in quotes. It was more just an experience in doing things differently. Have you seen the book titled: Normal is Just a Setting on My Dryer? We are not and never plan to be "normal".

    1. oh kid, you know 'normal' will never happen to us! and I'm not sure that it happens to anyone...does it?

  2. Thank you. It was such a fun event with you and would have been such a dud without you.

    Happy New Year. What do you want to delve into in twelve?

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    1. ditto Lynda. delve into in twelve? running and losing that last ten pounds!