Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new place and Dylan

Nonetheless..ah yes, where were we? 
Chuck was a huge help during the move, lending his brawn, brains and legs to the stairs. He then stayed the night and hung out with a girl he had worked with in Columbia coming back to the place relatively early as we were driving back early. So on the following day we delivered the truck to a U-Haul center not far from here, but that was all a month or so ago...

A new life takes time to shape and form.
It is different living in "the city", but it isn't that much like the city really, or is this how "cities" feel? The building we live in looks like a prison from the exterior but inside, the ceilings are ten feet tall and there are ceiling fans and open spaces and granite countertops and wood floors in the living and dining areas, while tile is in the kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom floors are carpeted. We were lucky enough to score a stackable washer-dryer in the unit itself.

We live on the third floor in a building without an elevator. We live in University City, Missouri and are walking distance to Washington University, the Loop, and mass transit. How quickly one's legs adjust to the up and down of the stairs and how much less effort it takes after just a short time. The city library, a small  church I found, a grocer and the bank are all within easy walking distance, not to mention numerous stores, shops and cafes. We belong to a gym that is nearby, so workouts are no problem.

Dylan is here for two weeks, so he and I walked to a small Thai place, near the Loop, for dinner tonight. It wasn't very good Thai.

There are leaves on the ground, and it is cool-crisp, glove wearing weather. We talked, or he talked animatedly as we walked. He loves living in "the city" and loves being able to walk everywhere so when I go to work during the day, he can take his allowance and walk to the shops, the cafes or the gym.
He  (Dylan) will be sworn in officially (Air Force) here in St. Louis in December, so the time spent with him now is all that much the sweeter. His basic training will be in Texas and I am already planning on attending his "graduation" sometime in February.

This is what happens:
They grow
are gone...

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