Thursday, September 22, 2011

finding new digs

Can I tell you what yesterday was like?
Where does one start?
University City is pretty and old, with quiet tree lined streets. The metro is nearby. The area where I was looking had a fine neighborhood park, an aptly named coffee house (literary character, name forgotten) where people sat talking on the large patio and cars drove past. Bicyclists and joggers and dog walkers were a frequent sight. Scientology has a large "church" which sits on a corner, near Trinity Boulevard and across the street is a small synagogue. All of the "apartments" had hardwood floors with small juliet balaconies. In two of the buildings the downstairs neighbors were growing plants of various shapes and sizes on their small patios. In one of the apartments, the floors sloped. There are built-ins and closets, nooks and crannies. The buildings are old and nice. The floors have been redone but otherwise, a good thorough cleaning really would be required. The front doors are hardwood, there is stained glass, and whoever owns the buildings believes that between tenants a new coat of thick paint should be smeared on everything, wood and handles included. Welcome to the world of other peoples' rentals.

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